Soca Dictionary | Glossary

 A list of words and phrases used in Soca Music, the soca scene and around the caribbean

In the 1960’s a new genre of music emerged from the caribbean, with it’s up tempo beats it was deamed the soul of calypso music.”

Have you ever asked yourself the question, “what is soca” or “what does that word in a particular song mean”.

There are a lot of words that are used within Soca Music where people especially people who are new to soca may not understand here at Release D Riddim one of our goals is to make soca more accessible.

So we have provided this Dictionary so that the meaning and definitions can be found.

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A surprised exclamation


Equivalent to the second person plural
form of ‘you’ or ’All of you’.


A scandalous or significant incident
which has occurred.

Babash/ Bush-rum

An overproof rum, which is usual
available during the sugar cane harvest especially at Christmas. It is
illegally brewed but still remains quite popular with rum


Definition 1:- To create an agreement or
confusion.Definition 2:- To behave in a disorderly manner.


An ancient Greek festival, which involved
excessive drinking and promiscuity.

Back Back

To reverse or move backwards.

Back Chat

The act of answering back to someone in a
disrespectful manner, usually made by a young child to a parent or

Bad Mind

A negative person who never has your
interest at heart. They say unpleasant and harmful things by criticizes
everything others say or do.


Behind, Buttocks or Rear end

Barbara Green

The pavement


Disoriented. Totally confused.

Big truck

The ‘main truck’ on carnival day. Each
carnival band will consist of two-three trucks but the ‘big truck’ is
usually the first truck which plays the best music and has the soca artists
who will perform throughout the day.


An evergreen that produces large round
gourds. This green fruit is not edible but it is mainly used to make
bags, cups, bowls, etc…


A type of music derived from Kaiso, which
is popular in Trinidad and other Caribbean Islands. The songs are often
based on political and social issues (social commentary) and is a good way
to keep up-to-date with what is happening in each island.

Cheese on/Cheese on Bread

An exclamation, commonly used to
describe a particular situation, place, object.


The process of following the truck on
carnival day. At this point the DJ plays a groovy/raga (slow) soca song and
the revellers walk in time to the beat of the music, cooling down from the
fast music which would have been played throughout the day.

Chutney Music

A type of music popular to the southern
Caribbean islands which has elements of an Indian influence. The melody
isa fusion of soca and Indian beats with Hindi and broken English lyrics.


To lose yourself in the music. To concentrate,
focus or to give your all when dancing.


A series of organised parties usually held
by promoters. The parties are usually a build up to one big celebration eg.
(Carnival). Some of these parties are themed according to the time of the (Easter fete, Summer fete).

Foreday Morning

Barbados’s version of Jouvert, a night time street party which starts at 1am and goes on
until the morning breaks. Revellers dance through the streets, covered in
paint, mud or chocolate. This is an easier option for people who prefer a
cooler jump and a shorter distance.


A girl or woman.

Glow Fete

This is an annual party which takes place
usually a week or two weeks before carnival day in various Caribbean
island. All patrons are required to wear white, so that when the UV light
hits the white clothing, it creates a glowing illusion.

Hard Ears

Troublesome, stubborn reluctant to hear when spoken to.


Definition 1:- To cheat, have an affair or
carry out an unfaithful act.Definition 2:- A conch shell which is used as
a musical instrument.


Definition 1:- Male genitals.Definition
2:- ‘the Iron band’- the use of metal and steel instruments to
create music, eg. Steel pans, triangles, pots, pans and spoons.


Definition 1:- A party/fete, where you enjoy yourself by dancing the night away.Definition 2:- Dance with someone.Definition 3:- No more room


J’Ouvert (from the French ‘jour ouvert’ or ‘day open’) covered in chocolate,
mud, oil and paint, bands of revellers portray darker elements of the island’s folklore and history.

Judging point

This is the point where all the carnival
bands will get judged on their carnival costume. Marking will include use
of colour, creativeness and historic background.


Also known as a Duppy; meaning ghost or
spirit of a dead person.


To chill or hang out with friends, catch
up or have a good time.


A person who likes to get involved in
other people’s business and spread rumours. This can also be described as
being ‘malicious’.

Mas Camp

This is a meeting point for carnival
bands, where people come to register and make payments on their costumes.
Costumes are also made here ready for distribution to band members.


To be extremely upset or angry with
someone or a specific situation.

Oh Gosh

An exclamation equivalent to Oh my God. OMG!


Is a popular folk music derived from
Trinidad and Tobago. Traditionally, parang music is played around
Christmas time;people travel from house to house in the neighbour playing
whatever comes to hand that can be played as a musical instrument.

Play Mas

This is what many people all over the
world come to the Caribbean to do. Patrons are adorned in beautiful
costumes and dance, sing and drink, on the carnival route.


To party.


Queen’s Park Savannah is the largest open
green space located in Port-of-Spain, the capital of Trinidad and Tobago,
with a perimeter of a little over two miles. This is where several Carnival
competitions take place as it has the capacity of fitting 15,000-18,000


Soca derives from the words Soul and Calypso.
In the 1960’s a new genre of music emerged from the caribbean,
with it’s up tempo beats it was deamed the soul of calyps music.

Spring Garden Highway

This is where the climax of the carnival
in Barbados takes place. Spring Garden Highway is also described as ‘The
Last Lap’ as it is the last road on the carnival route, (from the Stadium
to Spring Garden Highway).


An extreme sadness and/or a depression
following one’s breakup or separation from one’s significant other.


Slang for the word ‘thing’.


To be upset or irritated with someone or
a situation.


A form of dance which involves the
gyration of the hips and waist. This method is normally done in a slow to
medium pace.

Wuk/Wuk up

A form of dance which involves a clockwise
rotation of the hips and waist. This must be done in time with the music
and is usually a faster pace of a wine.


Equivalent to the second person plural
form of ‘you’ or ’All of you’ or ‘You guys’.