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We know that there is so much soca that is produced year after year and if you are new to soca or have been off the scene for a minute there can be a lot to catch up with.

Never fear Stick with Release D Riddim and you will be up to date in no time

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Responsibly Drinking Rum Part 2 Soca Mix CD

Responsibly Drinking Rum 2013

The 4th Power house mix from the Release D Riddim Stable ;)


1 Thief A Wine By Kes The Band

2 She Ready By Machel Montano

3 Call meh name By Destra

4 Stages By Bunji Garlin

5 Manager By Nadia Baston

6Jammin’ By Blaxx

7 Send Woman By Bunji Garlin

8 Bubble By Iwer George

9 Wining Queen By Denise Belfon

10 FETER By Benjai

11 Life of the Party By Machel Montano

12 Permission Granted By Patrice Roberts

13 Bruk Out By Patrice Roberts

14 Boost Har Up Remix By Koshons ft Patrice Roberts

15 Hard Wine By Bunji Garlin

16 When I Gone By Kerwin Du Bois

17 I Ok By Kes The Band

18 Doin this Oh wah By Fey Ann Lyons

19 No Getaway By Blaxx

20 Stranger By Farmer Nappy

21 Minglin' By Farmer Nappy

22 "Possessed" By Machel Montano ft Kerwin Du Bois

23 Differentology By Bunji Garlin

24 The Fog By Machel Montano

25 A Little Wine By Patrice Roberts

26 Life of the Party By Problem Child

27 Whole Day By Dev

28 We Liming By Shal Marshal & Super Jigger TC

29 Fete Of The Year By Kerwin Du Bois

30 Partier By 5 Star Akil

31 25-8 By Lyrikal

32 Savage By Bunji Garlin

33 Wassyness By Destra

34 Soca & Rum By Kes The Band

35 Drinking rum By Machel Montano

36 Drunk By Farmer Nappy

37 Wettin' By Kerwin Du Boisv

38 Wah do By Olatunji

39 Jump to D Future By Bunji Garlin

40 Whistle & Horn By Cassi

41 Spread Ya Hands By Blaxx

42 Prescription By Ravi B

43 Somebody woman By Ki

44 Bam Bam By Olatunji

45 No Lie By Machel Montano

46 Ah Come For Dat By Kes The Band

47 Backazz By Kerwin Du Bois

48 Waistline Energy By Lil' Rick

49 Cyah Bother We By Lil Rick (Ft. Benjai)

50 A.T.A.O Engoma By Benjai

51 Body Parts By Kes The Band

52 Disgusting By Kes The Band & Kerwin Du Bois

53 Float (Drum Mix) By Machel Montano

54 Fantastic Friday (Road Mix) By Super Blue

55 Fantastic Friday By Super Blue

56 De Stage Open By Fey Ann Lyons

57 Vikings (Antarctic Mix) By Bunji Garlin

58 Mad Like we By Tallpree ft Bunji Garlin

59 Monster (Grimy Mix) By Skinny Fabulous ft. Machel Montano

60 Taking Everything By Denise Belfon

61 Witch doctor By Machel Montano

62 Yuh Role By Kerwin Du Bois

63 Energy High By Machel Montano

64 Doh Tell Mi By Nadia Baston

65 Journey Continues By Bunji Garlin

66 Cha-os By Swappi

67 Live life like ya playin mas By Kes the Band ft David Rudder

Best of Cropover & Spice Mas 2012

The Best of Cropover & Spice Mas for those that missed out or those that want to re-live! ;)

Mix Vol 3 - Responsibly Drinking Rum

The best of TnT 2K12 for those that missed out or those that want to re-live! ;)


1 Stress Away By Kes D Band

2 Make Yuh Rock By Machel Montano

3 4d Gyal By Swappi

4 Over You By Kimba Sorzano

5 Keep On Wukking By Destra

6 Slow Wine By Patrice Roberts

7 Property By Zan

8 You Make Me By Farmer Nappy

9 Surrender By Farmer Nappy

10 Garlc Sauce By Allrounder

11 All Over By Fay-Ann & Baron

12 Hit Meh By Blaxx

13 Sound D Horn By Blaxx

14 Go Hard By Bunji Garlin

15 People's Champion By Benjai

16 Bottle Of Rum By Machel Montano

17 Drinking Partner By Dev

18 Attitude By Destra

19 Bam Bam By Bunji Garlin

20 Tun Up By Bunji Garlin

21 Runaway By Kerwin Du Bois & Bunji Garlin

22 Baddist By Kerwin Du Bois & Destra

23 Gyal Wuk Rmx By Machel Montano

24 Maliqua By Swappi

25 Winin Addiction By Sherwayne Winchester

26 Jiggle It By Inches

27 Nothing Less By K.Rich

28 Single Forever Rmx By Ki + Machel Montano

29 On D Avenue By Machel Montano

30 Action By Super Jigga & Tc

31 Trouble By Shal Marshall

32 Irregular By Bunji Garlin

33 Cosmic Shift By Bunji Garlin

34 So So By Bunji Garlin

35 Precision Wine By Kes D Band

36 Bubble On A Dj By Swappi

37 We Time By J.W. & Blaze

38 In Charge By Machel Montano

39 One Family By Alternative Quartet

40 Shiver By Nadia Baston

41 In Your Eyes By Erphaan Alves

42 Vibes Cyant Done By Machel Montano

43 Bacchanalist By Kerwin Du Bois

44 Mr Fete By Machel Montano

Mix Vol 2 - WOW

A Blazing hot run through of Soca from 2011


1 I Am Soca By Patrice Roberts & Kerwin Dubois

2Coming Over By Kes The Band

3Bacchanalist By Kerwin Du Bois

4Vibes Cyant Done By Machel Montano

5Mr Fete By Machel Montano

6Come Gyal By Kes The Band

7 Good Time By Kerwin Du Bois Ft Blaxx

8 Trini By Benjai

10I Am A Bajan By Rupee

10 Good Time Edwin Yearwood

11 Cyan Be Over By Biggie Irie

12 Come By Me By Tony Bailey

13 Roll It By Hyper Sounds

14 Sugar Pot By Mr Killa

15 Mista Wukka By Nekovan Ft. Keisha

16 Gyal Wuk By Machel Montano

17 Pump It Up By Orlando Octave

18 Town Ting By Cassi

19 Wotless By Kes The Band

20 Bend Over By Machel Montano

21 Bend Over (Rescript) By Aaron Fresh & Machel Montano

22 Rave Out By Skinny Fabulous

23Bend Over (And Dont Look Bak) By Big Red

24 Work (Shaney Beats Remix) By Lil' Rick

25 Ramajay By Lyrikal

34 Dynamite Ey Yo(Chaos Remix) By Taio Cruz26

27 Ey Yo By Lil' Rick

28 Jones N Wuk Up By Lil' Rick

29 Brace Wine By Alison Hinds

30 Where Ya From By Kes The Band

31 A.O.A By Machel Montano

32 Danza Kudro By Don Omar Ft Lucenzo

33 Waka Waka (This Time For Africa) By Shakira

34 Saley By Kasav