Words To Live By

The best way to predict the future is to
create it!

Abraham Lincoln

A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a
tree without roots.

Marcus Garvey

“Act as though it was
impossible to fail”

Dorothea Brande

Self belief is a dangerous thing. If you have too much you become a danger to others as no one can stop you . If you have none you are a danger to yourself, because you will stop you!

Matthew CardSoftware Engineer - Motivational Speaker - Writer

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Coaching and Mentoring

I coach because I know that everyone, and I mean everyone has potential that they can unlock, to live their best life

The reason I know this is that I am living proof.

Everyone needs a coach, the most successful people in the world have coaches, the best all had coaches Michael Jordan, Tiger woods, Usain Bolt. The day after I went on the resilience course that changed my life I went and got a mentor who turned into my coach. Over the years our relationship grew to the point where we were coaching each other.

If you believe this true to be about yourself, and you want to take the next step in your life, if you want to level up, lets work together contact me


Book Club

 The next meet up

TBC Sept

Online meet up details will be emailed to the email address you signed up to the Book club with or sent in the Book club whatsapp group

Reading is key to self development and with this in mind the Release D Reality Book Club has been created to encourage and inspire us to learn and grow and expand our knowledge together. One self development book will be chosen every month and we will meet up online and discuss the topics in each book.

If you are interested fill in this simple form and if add your postal address you will receive a free gift in the post.

Sponsored by New Beacon Books

Book Of The Month

Start With Why by Simon SinekBuy book

August 2020

Start With Why by Simon Sinek

July 2020

Atomic Habits by James Clear

Learn and Grow With Us

The Release D Reality Book Club is brought to you in association with Success through Soca and New Beacons Books. Anyone can join the book club, we will be reading self help and personal development non fiction books around the topic or resilience and the four components purposefulness, adaptability, social support and confidence.

If you are interested fill in this simple form and if add your postal address you will receive a free gift in the post.

We want to inspire more people to become readers, we want people to push reading up their priority list. And what better way to do this than with a club. As you will discover in many of the books we will be reading, creating accountability groups helps to make habits stick. Also as we learn we can support black businesses by purchasing our books from New Beacon books (where possible)

We know some of you are avid readers already what would be really good is for you to share your experiences, tips and tricks to getting through books and make the habit or reading stick.


Q) Do I have to have to read the entire book?

A) No, although ultimately the aim is to read a book a month it is perfectly fine not to have read it. Just come with an open mind to the meet up.

Q) Do I have to contribute (ask/answer questions)?

A) Although it would be great to hear from you, you are more than welcome to listen.

Q) What if my comments aren’t clever?

A) No questions are silly. Every comment is valid. This is a safe space to learn, grow, and explore.

Q) Do I have to have my camera on?

A) Although it would be better for interaction, no it is not compulsory to have your camera on.

Success Through Soca. Helping achieve mastery using soca music.

After all of the interest, requests and demand, this August ‘Success Through Soca’ are launching their first ever programme!

‘Land Work’ – inspired by the Blackboy song that we believe holds the message of laying solid foundations – is designed for you to maintain growth and success in 4 key areas of your life:
Money – Developing a Positive Relationship with Money, Mastering Money Management and Generating New Streams of Income
Career – Renewing your Perspective on your Current Job/Career, Achieving True Career Fulfilment and Attracting Progressive Opportunities
Relationships – The Basis for Self-Love, Developing Healthy Bonds with People & Partners, Peace and Experience Patience and Prosperity in your Relationships
Health – Personalising “Model Health” to your Life, A Simple Strategy for Holistic Health, Embedding New Health Habits

‘New Beacon Books was founded in 1966 by John La Rose and his partner Sarah White and was the UK’s first black publisher, specialist bookshop and international book distributor.
Read more on about New Beacon Books

Social, Media, Contact Info

Music can be an important tool in controlling your state. You release dopamine when you complete a task or even in anticipation of completing that task. Meeting your sales target, catching your train on time, or when you have your favourite ice cream or listening to your favourite song. The body has 4 “happy” hormones that are naturally released in our body, they are Dopamine, Endorphins, Serotonin, and Oxytocin. When these chemicals are released in our bodies we begin to feel happy and good about ourselves. Check out the Release D Reality spotify playlists to start your day right. There are as selection of playlists with different genres of uplifting and feel good music. If you want to know more sign up to the motivational news letter called Reality Check. You can find the form to sign up further up this page.



The Next Event

Release D Reality: INVEST, Thursday 19th September. Tracks and Records London

What is Release D Reality

Using the platform that Release D Riddim has to inspire, motivate and energise the community. Release D Reality has been something that I wanted to do for many years. I strongly believe it has now become a reality due to my journey of self development and personal growth.

Release D Reality currently comes in 3 formats: discussion groups / workshops, panel discussions and seminars.

So far there has been 4 events 2 discussion groups and 2 panel discussions duplicating each event that takes place in London in Manchester.

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How what you put into your mind is like baking a cake