Mr Way Back When aka Nasty aka Shane, Born and raised in London with a Jamaican heritage, musically influenced from an early age, as music was a strong hold within his family. Which lead him studying music and developing his knowledge on the industry and his musical talents. First got involved in Djing when he teamed up with DJ Bliss in 2001, where he learned how to start mixing and making various mixed CD’s in the early 2000’s. Later down the line, he became part of a DJ sound called Sweet’N’Sexy Crew, where he started to gain a small following in both South & West London before disbanding and starting a new brand with Release D Riddim.

After some time out from the DJ scene and working in the background, DJ Nasty, known at the time, stepped back to the decks and started to play at private functions and (Epic) events for Release D Riddim. In more recent times, Mr Way Back When was then formed, due to his love of Old Skool Classics and that’s where his passion laid. 

Growing up in the 80s listening to various genres such as Reggae, Soca, Rnb, Pop and New Jack Swing music was seen as a way of life and was something that had to be incorporated in his day to day life due to his love for the old skool. 

He has recently extended the Release D Riddim brand to incorporate his own event named ‘Way Back When’ which caters for the old skool. (#KeepItStrictlyOldSkool) This has already seen the first few editions of the Way Back When Bus Parties and upcoming Boat Party which will only lead to bigger and better things.