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Carnival Thursday Release D Riddim is back in the WEST END!!!!! Starting the Carnival WEEKEND the RIGHT WAY!!!

Every body please walk with your ID

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D Riddim Tribe

Deposit or Full price
Pick Up Point
Boiler Suit Size
T-Shirt Size - M of F Tee
We have now included a Jouvert, and T-shirt package for those that can't stay the entire weekend! For £25!!!

Huddersfield Carnival Weekender 11th – 13th July!

49 coach places available! 18 twin (2 people sharing) rooms and 5 triple (3 people sharing) rooms and one Quintuplet room, Price: £160 each. Drivers £130

This Includes: Trip to Hudderfield and back leaving on Friday Midday and heading back Sunday Morning, refreshments on the coach.

2 night Hotel Stay which includes breakfast on Saturday and Sunday, walking distance from city centre and shops

Jouvert pack including boiler suit and powder for Friday night jouvert and fete outside

Carnival Sat on the Road with Release D Riddim - Mr Hardwine, Dj Bliss & Credable

T-Shirt and Grass Skirt Costume

Refreshments on the road and food when we hit the end of the route

To book your space a £50 non-refundable deposit is required from each member of your room to secure your place. 1st come first served! Full payment required by June 27th

RED EYE Aug 16th sat :

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Who We Are

Release D Riddim (RDR) is the name of a soca promotion team that organise Soca events/Soca fetes (parties) in London and the rest of the UK. The RDR Team consists of promoters and Djs who are all like-minded people who love Soca Music and the Carnival culture.

At present we have two main Soca events/soca fetes Red Eye and The Wotless Jam which are held in West London and South London Respectively. We also take part in 3 carnivals in the UK, Notting Hill, Reading carnival and Huddersfield and two in the Caribbean Barbados (Cropover) and Grenada (Spice Mas); we are always look for ways to be involved in many more

Our aim is to have fun whilst attracting and exposing UK party goers who are keen to try something positive to soca music and the carnival spirit, while always catering for the dedicated core Soca fans. It is also our aim for uk and international soca artist to use RDR events as a platform to introduce or reinforce their talents in UK.

We have had the pleasure of so many international soca artists passing through our fetes from the likes of KROSFYAH, LAVAMAN, Ms Desire, KERWIN DUBOIS but to name a few. With RUPEE doing a special show on his European tour in 2009 at Red Eye. We have since moved Red Eye to the Colosseum Complex opening this event to a wider audience

You can find out more information on these fetes by expanding the different sections above. Keep up to date with the news and events right here, so you too can take in Soca music and the soca vibes and enjoy them the Soca Cartel way!