DJ Bliss


Growing up in the late 80’s, watching his dad & uncles carrying big sound boxes, playing music in his grans basement & also being allowed to stay up late at night, when his aunty held house parties.

DJ Bliss grew fond of the art of DJing. At the age of 10, he was already selecting music at family parties. His 1st big event came at the age of 13, at an Under 18’s rave in a well known club in his home town, opening the night which consisted of well known DJ’s/Crews from the likes of Get Rich Crew, So Solid & Pay As You Go Cartel, to name a few.

After leaving school at 16, his uncle & aunt introduced him to a well known Soca DJ/Producer, who took him under his wing, taking DJ Bliss to the next big level, where he played overseas in European & Caribbean countries.