Dazzle - Monday Night Mas 8th Aug


Sunny Side Up - Sunday 7th Aug

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Dazzle - Monday Night Mas Packages

Plush Presents Dazzle for Monday Night Mas in Grenada!

Djs on the Road are
Dj Stephen
Credable & Mr Hardwine from ReleaseDRiddim
Dj Cin
Dj Blaze

You package includes your Glow items
Neon Tees
Glow Shades
Glow Wands
Glow Paint

Premium Package is $65 USD which includes glow items and Johnny Walker, Hennessy, Ciroc, Vodka, Rum, Beer, Red Bull & Water!

Male or Female
Baby Tee or Normal Tee

Sunnyside Up - Sunday 7th Aug

Sunny Side Up family, are you ready to put some SPICE into your life.

If the answer is ‘YES’ then we have just the thing for you….

Sunny Side Up is on vacation in Grenada…

Why not take some time off and treat yourself to a worthwhile holiday in the Spice Isle.
You can enjoy the numerous fetes, play one of the best Jouvert the Caribbean has to offer, play Monday night mas and jump up through the streets of St. George’s on Carnival Tuesday.

For those who came to Grenada Carnival last year we paid our respects to the JAB JAB POSSE as we had our first ever event; however, like all things SSU we never do it the same way twice. This year we are taking it up a notch as we host SSU at the beautiful Lanse Aux Epines location. Yes there will be a pool, so we encourage you to dress sexy and appropriate.

The date August 7th 2016 from 1pm

Join us poolside for waist high water fun complete with the added attraction of the SSU FOAM. It’s time to break out the designer summer gear and fancy swimsuits we going to help put an indelible mark on Grenada carnival. We will be serving top shelf drinks with the aid of a cash bar with the premium selection of whiskey, vodka, cognac, rum etc. And what is a SSU event without food….. never happens; you will be able to feast on the best in exquisite cuisine to satisfy every taste on that evening.

We want you all to get ready to enjoy the musical explosion of vibes from top class Djs from New York, UK, Trinidad and of course Grenada.

Online ticket sales will commence Wed 22nd June from 9am. So join us on Instagram @sunnysidecrew and www.facebook.com/sunnysideuptt as we release further information on ticket sales in the coming days.

So if you looking for plans to make that awesome summer why not join us for Grenada Carnival 2016.

It will be a sexy summer time affair in the beautiful Spice Isle.
Let’s start this Summer Sunny Side Up.

Facebook www.facebook.com/sunnysideuptt

Instagram @sunnysidecrew

Email: tickets@sunnysideuptt.com

Take care and keep it Up on the Sunny Side!

Tickets $20 US plus booking fee

Spice Mas Background

Grenada’s Spicemas Festival is the island’s premier cultural event and is Grenadian expression in all its glory, climaxing during the 2nd Monday and Tuesday in August. Brimming with pageantry and expression linked to our African, French, British and Caribbean heritage, Carnival is colourful, humorous and full of surprises.

Calypsonians, steel pan orchestras, beauty contestants, ‘fancy mas’ bands and others perform and parade to compete for Carnival honors while others gather to watch, participate and enjoy. Many take on disguises in the costumes of ‘Shortknee’ and ‘Jab Jab’ players.

Sourced from www.grenadagrenadines.com

Grenada Carnival Guide

-What is the best way to book flights/accommodation. Is it better to stay in a hotel or apartment – any recommendations?

Out of all the Island Grenada is probably the most expensive to get to, especially from the UK! We would recommend if you don’t need to see family, Go to Barbados Cropover 1st for a week (which is a week before) and then hop over to Grenada! Definitely worth the experience and money.  When it comes to accommodation hotels are generally best if you want a lifestyle comparable to home but there are plenty of guest houses for those that want to save a buck!

– Is it better to take a fly directly or somewhere else?

Now unfortunately if you are taking our suggestion of doing both Barbados andGrenada you have no choice but to fly with Liat!  But to avoid having to fly with them twice just book your flight home to leave from Grenada.  Less chance of you losing your luggage!

– Where to stay – location and proximity from the main events

We recommend you stay in St George near Gran Anse beach for these reasons, your close to a beach, close to a shopping mall and other food places, your close to town so you can get to jouvert, Monday Night Mas and Carnival easily and it’s an easy point of reference when coming back home from a fete!  So Fetes are miles away so transportation is necessary and unless you love wild life you don’t really want to stay in other areas, but good to visit.

– What are the hotspots over that carnival week – what is not to be missed (fetes etc)

Grenada is known for its Jouvert and it doesn’t disappoint!  We believe it’s the best one in the world but its not for the feint hearted! Make sure you bring some old clothes as they will get ruined by either the paint or the Jab Jab passing by (oiled up)!  The biggest fete of the season is white under the moonlight which half of Grenada seem to go to! You also have the Summer Crew boat ride and other boat rides and fetes which make Grenada all action, forget about sleep!

– What kind of budget per person are we looking at

Grenada in itself is relatively cheap so if you are traveling straight and after you spend almost £1000 on a flight and possibly £300-£400 on accommodation the fetes and food are not much to contend with! £1600 at the most we think, maybe less!

– anything else you think is important/good to know

Pack ya old clothes, and just get ready for the madness as Grenadians are fun loving crazy people! You have Jouverts happening all over the island from Sunday though to Tuesday moring! Monday night mas which is a night time carnival more of less sponsored by companies like Lime & Digicel, and it lights up the streets! Pretty mas is on Tues and we recommend you play with us and our partners Summer Crew!