Rotterdam, Holland

This year holland, has been added to the list of countries we like to visit. Release D Riddim is heading to Rotterdam Carnival. This is the first time we will be playing in Holland.

We will be playing with Blends UK.

Below you will find details of where we will be playing and how you can get involved.

Please Note the products and the information below is for Blends UK in Rotterdam. Release D Riddim are not liable for any issues and/or problems. We will try and assist you to the best of our ability if any issues are faced. But we cannot be held responsible.

“Where cold meets the warm unity!”

Your Blends Carnival Djs Entertaining you on the road

QT 2Hype
Mr Stitch
GodFather Sounds
Dancehall Syndicate
Release D Riddim.

All Blends Carnival Packages includes

– Drinks Inc Alcohol
– Bar and Snack Service
– Food at end of Parade
– Music from national and International Djs
– A Special Carnival Experience
– Discount on WLC package

Follow the Blends Carnival Page

All costumes can have personal alterations on request. Please Email for more information

Just quote Release D Riddim when booking!!

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For More information contact Release D Riddim or go to



Male and Female cut T-shirts Available

BACKLINE: Snowfall

Males £165 females £175
Deposit £80


Deposit £115

ELITE: Crystal Glacier

Deposit £190

Crystal Glacier also includes;
-WLC Party Package (Float Soca Boat, Socalicious, SvD meets bacchanalia, Cooldown
-Champagne Service
-Personal Assistant