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  • Notting Hill Carnival 2018

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D Riddim Tribe is a subsidiary of Release D Riddim (RDR). D Riddim Tribe is a carnival Mas band (float) which was founded in September of 2012.


Notting Hill Carnival Quencher - Official Carnival Afterparty
GLOW - Wear White - Carnival Thursday

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Release D Reality

Who Are We

Release D Riddim (RDR) is the name of a promotion team that organise events in London and the rest of the world. The RDR team consists of promoters and DJs who are all like-minded people who love music. Our origins are from soca music and the carnival culture but we have evolved into so much more. We play a wide variety of music and push the old skool club classics.

At present we have three main events: Red Eye, Free Soca Lockdown and Epic. Red Eye and Free Soca Lockdown are for soca fans and people that want to get to know the fun loving music. Epic is for the slightly older more eclectic audience who like to party in the city.

We also have our own carnival mas band called D Riddim Tribe which hosts over 400 revellers at Notting Hill Carnival and our DJs feature in Germany, The Netherlands, Barbados, Grenada and Miami.

Our aim is to have fun whilst exposing soca music and attracting UK party goers who are keen to try something positive and embrace the carnival spirit while always catering for the dedicated soca fans.